Karuna Reiki®

Karuna Reiki® was founded by William Lee Rand in 1995 after spending decades researching, learning, and using different symbols taught by various schools of Reiki throughout the world. He took all the knowledge he had acquired and created an entirely new form of Reiki. There are a total of 8 symbols you learn in Karuna Reiki® which are designed to help specific areas of dis-ease within both the physical and energetic body. During treatment the symbol names are verbalized through chanting and toning which creates a powerful, yet extremely gentle treatment that focuses the reiki to where you need it most.

All of our teachers and practitioners of Karuna Reiki® are registered through William Rand's school, The International Center for Reiki Training and all classes are taught in accordance to their recommendations and with their manuals. One of their requirements is that in order to take Karuna Reiki® classes you must first already have master level training in another form of Reiki.* Upon completion of the courses you will receive Karuna Reiki® registered certification through The International Center for Reiki Training and will be able to register yourself with their teacher/practitioner directory if desired.

*Sacred Light Reiki's Usui Reiki classes will qualify you for this requirement.

If you are interested in beginning a Karuna Reiki® apprenticeship

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