Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is a healing technique developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist and theologian Dr. Mikao Usui. He is often credited with being the founder of Reiki, however, in his personal writings, he states that he rediscovered Reiki, having been gifted the knowledge of a long lost healing ability. The oral tradition states that he received the symbols used in Reiki from Divine Source during a meditation atop Mount Kurama. He was near death from fasting and had a vision of a number of symbols coming down into his crown chakra. He was fully revived by these symbols and with great exuberance he spent the rest of his life perfecting Reiki and passing the knowledge onto his students.

Usui Reiki is typically taught in three classes. The student is able to complete as few or as many classes as they prefer depending on their interest and purpose for learning.

Shoden-Reiki Level One

The first Usui Reiki class is for self treatment and healing. During this class you will learn about Usui Reiki, the history behind its creation, its principles, and the effects on the body, mind and soul.

You will receive an attunement, which is an energetic transmission of Reiki from your teacher. Once attuned the Reiki will start to re-balance your body on both the physical and emotional levels beginning the self healing process. You will be able to let the Reiki energy flow through your hands freely allowing you to direct Reiki to yourself and all other living things assisting in the healing process. You will learn to use the traditional healing hand patterns as well as how to intuitively scan for areas of the body in need of Reiki.

You will learn:

· The history of Usui Reiki

· Best practices

· Hand placements

· The chakras

· The auric fields

· The energetic body

· Use of positive affirmation

· Intuitive scanning

After attunement the students practice Reiki on each other under close supervision by the Master Teacher with special attention given to hand placements and best practices.

Okuden-Reiki Level Two

Level two strengthens the Reiki practitioners ability to direct the universal Reiki energy. The attunement received at this level produces a grounding and solidifying of the energy as it settles into the student’s aura. During this class you will learn to use the symbols for emotional, mental, and distance healing and will also be able to call, use, and direct the energy of the three major Reiki symbols whenever needed.

You will learn:

· Distance healing techniques

· Use of Reiki to assist in the release of unresolved emotional issues

· Assist in breaking addictive cycles both physical and energetic

Shinpiden-Reiki Level Three Master Teacher

This is the final step in becoming a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. This third and final class in Usui Reiki gives you all of the symbols necessary to pass an attunement and the knowledge to teach others bringing them into your Reiki family. This class is a must for anyone wanting to teach Reiki to others and to gain an even deeper understanding of the energetic principles of practicing Reiki.

You will learn:

· All Usui Reiki symbols and their uses

· How to cultivate and use the Violet Breath

· Cutting energetic cords

· Techniques to energetically work with past life trauma

· How to pass attunements

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