Sacred Light Reiki was created out of a desire to bring concise clarity to a discipline that I felt had become diluted over the decades. From our experience and networking with other Reiki masters we learned that most Reiki teachers were giving their students either binders full of poorly organized, sometimes random information, a lot of which had nothing to do with Reiki, or they were using manuals which had not been updated in over a decade. When I first learned Reiki there were so many unanswered questions about why things were done a certain way, and at what point some practices were added. I wanted to know what was original, what was flourishment added by impactful teachers in the lineage and how does it all translate into modern day scientific knowledge.

Lucky for me I had an admirably patient Reiki teacher who was open to hearing my questions and humble enough to admit he didn’t have all the answers. So we went looking. After years of research and practice, we decided that there had to be a better way to teach the principles of Reiki. As a result, Sacred Light Reiki was born. We spent years writing and revising our manuals in an attempt to present the information like never before. We believe that we have successfully created a method of training that clearly teach the core of Usui Reiki and will allow our students to become confident and knowledgeable practitioners.

Since 2012 Sacred Light Reiki has provided a system for Usui Reiki that is both practical and steeped in tradition. We have identified the teaching methods of Master Usui (founder of Usui Reiki) and Master Takata (the women who single handedly brought Usui Reiki to the USA) as well as included modern day scientific theories that help explain energy healing. We discuss in depth the ethics and best practices for Reiki practitioners and emphasize the importance of positive intention when working with energy. All teachers listed with Sacred Light Reiki are dedicated to student mentorship which means that if you have questions after classes they will be available to help you.

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